Dear Sir,

Let me introduce myself and my job! My name is Tibor Mogyorósi, I live in Hungary, in Tapolca. It’s a little city nearby the Lake Balaton. We produce 1 million graftling a year and the propegating material for it. In our vineyards we only put into circulation virus-free propegating material in great quality. In most of teh casas we work for order, but we also have idle capacities. We can help you to choose the right clones and grapes. After all, we are also occupied in plantation. We use a laser-controlling, electrohydraulic planting machine for it. The output of this machine- on the condition of the soil- could be 8000pieces a day. If you are intererted in my work, please ask our representative.

I wish you succesful work!

Mogyorósi Tibor

Mogyorósi Tibor H-8300 Tapolca Bem u. 24. Tel/Fax: +36 / 87 413-380 E-mail:
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